The performance of 3 lasers in one device

PLW IFL Technology – Incoherent Fast Light – is the revolutionary technology that is able to modulate light spectrum to concentrate energy emitted to perform fast and painless, photoepilation treatment even on dark and tanned skin. 


The device for smooth & flawless skin


Creation of a New Light source,
developed internally by Novavision R&D to target with precision and efficiency

Effective Results

Modulated light emission to concentrate energy emission for more improved results

Large coverage

Possible to effectively treat up to 21 cm2 of fabric per second with comfort guaranteed


The device that aims at precision and comfort


The emission speed of the light source makes it possible to treat up to 21 cm2 of fabric per second. All this makes PLW IFL™ the necessary technology for those who want to perform permanent photoepilation treatments in an effective, fast and painless way

THE TISSUE IS TREATED IN an effective, fast and painless way.

The IFL™ technology – Incoherent Fast Light – is an integral part of PLW

A compact, innovative device with a large spot, specific for the treatment of large areas of the body. Also ideal for smaller areas, where precision is the key to successful treatment effectiveness.

the right solution

  • IFL™ Technology - New light source with exclusive IFL technology (modulated emission)
  • High treatment speed - more than 20 cmq/sec
  • Interchangeable cut-off filters
  • Single-customer filters support frames
  • Liquid-cooled source of light
  • "Carbon look" applicator handle
  • Photoepilation on tanned and dark skin
  • Photoepilation
  • Photoepilation on tanned and dark skin
  • Elimination of complication resulting from stuffed hair 
  • Photorejuvenation
  • Acne and scars reduction
  • Stretch marks reduction

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