Body System

Ideal solution for slimming and aesthetic

Body System is the physiotherapeutic device that helps to reduce excess weight, strengthen muscle, and provide skin lifting benefit. A holistic device that gives the effect of exercising without sweat.

Why Body system?

The device for a holistic slimming wellness


No surgery and zero downtime with complete comfort


Multi-functional device for weight loss, muscle tonning and skin lifting to achieve greater well-being


Effective weight loss of up to 1.5KG in a single session


The device with multifaceted function

device capabilities


Allows for muscle stimulation that simulates a two-hours endurance workout session, leading to excess fat loss during the process. The muscles will be subjected to heavy workout during the transion treatment whereby energy reserves will be exhausted in the first five minutes, allowing the body to extract energy from nearby tissue, stimulating intense fat burn.


Allows treatment to be done on both face and body to enable skin tightening and muscle building.

Isogei can treat problematic areas that are difficult to lose fat. It is best done with Transion when dealing with the face as it ensures a reduction in volume in the lower third of the face and also allows throat lift with buildup muscles in the mid-face section (Cheek and eyebrow area), hence giving a beautiful padded and youthful look.


A treatment method to stimulate the lymphatic circulation, Linfogei allows for reduction of small fluid accumulation, such as swelling and cellulite, and prevents aesthetic problems caused by poor circulation.


Targeting at anti-ageing, premature wrinkle prevention, regeneration and tightening of facial skin, Microgei uses Microcurrents to stimulate the skin without any noticeable muscle contraction, hence stimulating blood circulation and metabolism. Microgei can be used for any skin problem ranging from oily and dry skin, sagging skin, pale skin to mature skin.  A perfect alternative to invasive face lifting and plastic surgery, as well as a solution for natural anti-aging treatment.

A non-invasive rapid muscle firming and shaping 

Body System

Infrared Rays

Infrared Rays are short waves that deeply penetrates to facilitate heat transmission to the tissues, This helps with stimulating fat discharge and cell metabolism.  It acts as a cellular metabolic bioactivator that provide thermal action concentrated enough to promote blood circulation and speed up the combustion of excess fat

the right solution

  • Transion – muscle tightening, body shaping & skin tightening
  • Isogei– skin tightening & muscle building
  • Linfogei –  reduction of small fluid accumulations and prevention of aesthetic problem relating to poor blood circulation
  • Microgei – anti-aging, prevention of premature wrinkles, regeneration and tightening of the facial skin
  • Effective Weight Loss treatment
  • Body firming and muscle toning 
  • Destroys fat buildup in muscle fibers
  • Muscle strengthening 
  • Firming and lifting of large muscle areas e.g. chests, buttocks, thighs
  • Skin lifting and wrinkles reduction 
  • Restores skin elasticity 
  • Increases metabolism 
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Boosts cellular renewal

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