4 Plus

The power of 4 in your hands

4PLUS focuses on both face and body beauty. The revolutionary technology possesses 4 emitters/receivers to make treatment effective, from DQRF™ to the RSS™ safety system, from IoMT™ through to radioporation.

Why 4plus?

The device that offers effective and comfortable treatment


No surgery and zero downtime with complete comfort

Safe Operation

Safe for both patient and operator with safety system equipped

fast results

Short sessions with fast noticeable results per session


The device for the beauty of body and face

The Handpieces


Specifically designed to treat large areas.


Handpiece with 32 gold-plated needles for an action focussing on special targets.

Medium AREAS

Specifically designed to treat medium-sized areas.


Handpiece with 384 golden µNeedle that can penetrate the stratum corneum without adversely affecting tissues.


Specifically designed to treat smaller areas.

4Plus™ is provided with DQRF™ technology.

The dynamic quadripolar radiofrequency emission focus energy on the layer of the tissue that needs treating, reducing both power needed and risks dramatically. Novavision engineers have managed to make the configuration DYNAMIC – the emitters turn into receivers by changing their charge within specific time spots, each time modifying the magnetic field and focusing it to obtain:

the right solution

  • DQRF™ Dynamic Quadripolar Radiofrequency – owned by Novavision Group, DQRF™ focuses energy on layer of tissue that requires treatment, reduces power needed and risks dramatically
  • VRF Variable Radiofrequency – Safely focuses energy on specific desired tissue even to the deepest layer
  • UPR Ultrapulsed Radioporation – Uses high energy micro-pulses to increase cell membrane permeability and open aqueous channels to convey active substances to the cell
  • RSS Radiofrequency Safety System – Combines both movement sensor and temperature control in a single hand-piece to ensure complete safety for both operator and customer during treatment. Equipped with Bio-Feedback to allow customer total control to halt treatment
  • IoMT – Internet of Medical Things – allows company to stay connected with their customers in terms of services, remote support, training, data storage and other online protocols.
  • Multiple Hand pieces as emitters and receivers targeted for various body and facial areas
  • Face Lifting 
  • Body Shaping 
  • Face Contouring
  • Body Firming 
  • Resurfacing 
  • Targeted Anti-Scarring Action 
  • Stretch marks Reduction

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