Cromo System

The natural therapy for aesthetic treatment

Cromo System is the leading technology for beauty and wellness that utilizes natural colour therapy for cosmetic solutions pertaining to beauty and aesthetic medicine.

Why Cromo System?

The device for versatile aesthetic treatments


Treatment are completely safe, no need for protective eyewear 

Natural Colour Therapy

Numerous successful case studies based on Chromotherapy


Technology offers variety of aesthetic solutions in a single device


The device for natural therapy

Device capabilities

Chromotherapy Technology (Colour Therapy)

Chromotherapy uses colours with specific wavelength, each with its own benefits, to provide customized treatment for patients. The colours can be combined for a synergised effect.

Connective Stimulation

Using the unique technology of Connective stimulation, Cromo system helps to improve the elasticity of the derma, supports optimal tissue restoration and tones surface tissues. Internally, the technology improves blood and lymphatic circulation while increasing toxins elimination from the body.

A Natural Light Therapy


The Cromo system is equiped with a CROMOGEI apparatus with electrodes which is used to attach to the body to perform a connective massage. 

  • MAGENTA – Circulatory system stimulating action
  • VIOLET – Re-balancing and detoxifying action
  • INDIGO – Purifying and calming action
  • BLUE – Antiseptic and astringent action
  • TURQUOISE – Refreshing and calming action
  • GREEN – Vitalizing and purifying action
  • YELLOW –  Stimulating and firming action
  • ORANGE – Regenerating and energising action
  • RED – Restoring action

the right solution

  • Equipped with 9 colours of natural light waves 
  • 18 pre-set automatic treatments 
  • Several solutions from manual treatments.
  • Light emission coverage area of 52.5 cm x 34 cm.
  • Includes Chromopuncture with special probe to enhance results on smaller areas.
  • Slackness & stretch marks reduction
  • Cellulite removal
  • Fluid Retention 
  • Varicose veins 
  • Acne & acne scars treatment
  • Erythrosis and Couperose treatment
  • Wrinkles, eye bags & circles reduction
  • Reduces sense of hunger
  • Relieves stress and sleeplessness to enhance overall wellbeing of the mind and body

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