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EGO is the first face and body aesthetic equiptment in the market that combines the traditional and comforting value of the manual massage with all the benefits from the latest technologies for a non-invasive face and body treatment.

Why EGO?

The device that offers 360° Body Benefit

Greater Comfort

Provides both technological and manual treatments for enhanced relief


Involves the synergy between the aestheticians and the cosmeceutical treatment.

Fast Treatment

Treatment can be done as a Lunch-Break procedure


Combining the benefits of the latest technologies with manual massage

Device capabilities


Provides specific wavelength for deeper action 

Photobiostimulation is based on the use of specific wavelengths. 

630 nm (redlight) promotes collagen regeneration and increases microcirculation

830 nm or NIR (near infrared) acts on inflammation processes, improving lymphatic draining and increasing cellular metabolism.

Bio-Electrical Stimulation

Electric impulses that stimulate muscle contraction

Electric microcurrents stimulate tissue regeneration, muscle toning and skin lifting.

Microcurrents have been shown to stimulate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production and restore the natural balance of the cells.


The Microcurrents technology

Using the latest generation of electric impulses that induce muscle contraction to promote lipolysis, toning and fluid drainage.

Electrostimulation can be carried out in a targeted and localized way, depending on the areas treated.

Revolutionising the way aesthetic massage is performed

Technologies all in one Device

EGO is designed to revolutionize the way professional aesthetic massage is performed, by using a compat platform coupled with endearing design that incorporates 3 technologies – Photo biostimulation, Bio-Electrical Stimulation and Electrostimulation, all in one device.

the right solution

  • Photobiostimulation – Use of specific wavelengths for a deep action
  • Bio-Electrical Stimulation –Electric impulses that stimulate muscle contraction for tissue regeneration, muscle toning and skin lifting
  • Electrostimulation – The microcurrents technology that stimulates Muscle contraction promotes lipolysis, toning and fluid drainage
  • Breast Push-up Effect 
  • Lifting Effect 
  • Total Body Toning
  • Lessens Signs of Cellulite
  • Drains the Face and the Eye Contour
  • Stimulates Endorphins
  • Tones Muscles
  • Detoxifying action to enhance Venous and Lymphatic

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