Cristal Pro

The revolutionary 360° body contouring solution

This innovative body contouring solution allows 360° coverage of all body areas to be targeted for optimized results and maximum customer satisfaction.

Why Cristal Pro?

Offer your patients the expertise of 360°

Cooling System CCDS™

Homogeneous cooling System to -12 ° C thanks to patented technology

multiple areas x4

4 simultaneous handpieces allow Time saving and more comfort for patients


Wide range of applicators for all parts of the body

The Applicators


Very small fat folds for face


Small fat folds for body


Small to medium fat folds for body


Medium fat folds


Medium to large fat folds


Large fat folds


Applicator without suction, specifically dedicated for flat areas

CRISTAL Pro is the reference and the European leader in Body Contouring

Cristal Technology

During the procedure, fat cells are treated in a safe, comfortable and effective manner. After the treatment, fat cells will be gradually eliminated through the lymphatic system. Results obtained will be optimal and lasting for visible fat reduction results.

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