Cristal Plus

The leading Medical Cryolipolysis device

As the safest body contouring device in the market, Cristal Plus allows for the use of Cryolipolysis to apply intense cold to fat cells through high pressure suction applicators.

Why Cristal Plus?

The safest, most advanced slimming solution

Clinically Proven

2 clinical studies ensuring proven results with over 500 completed treatments

multiple areas

Targets 2 body areas simultaneously for maximum results and efficiency

fast results

Short sessions with fast results. Non-invasive process, no anesthesia required


Wide range of applicators for all parts of the body

The Applicators

Agate A1

Greasy clusters of small size for the face

Agate A2

Small fat deposits for the body

Agate A3

Fatty clusters of medium size for the body


Cellulite reduction


Small fat clusters


All types of fat deposits


Fatty clusters of significant size


Special flat areas

CRISTAL has been developed in accordance with European medical standards yielding better results

Cristal Technology

Using technology from France, the treatment uses Cavity Cooling Diffusion SystemTM Innovation to enable highly secure controlled cooling for safe, effective freezing of fat cells.

During the procedure, fat cells are treated in a safe, comfortable and effective manner. After the treatment, fat cells will be gradually eliminated through the lymphatic system. Results obtained will be optimal and lasting for visible fat reduction results.

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