Bodyka™ Plus

High-tech alternative to Surgical Liposuction

An award winning synergy, BODYKA PLUS is a high-tech innovative alternative to surgical liposuction that uses non-invasive treatment procedure to give immediate results.

Why Bodyka Plus?

The device for non-invasive slimming & contouring


A non-invasive and effective Lipolysis treatment

Ease of Treatment

Treatment is quick and easy to perform, risk-and-side effect free

Immediate Results

Short sessions with fast noticeable results per session


The device that offers safe and effective treatment

Device Capabilities

Endodermal Grip

Includes passive rollers for regular suction-and-release action, allowing mechanical stimulation of the tissue without affecting its structure.

Connective Tissue Massage

Improve Venous and lymphatic microcirculation due to Vascular stimulation

SCP™ Sonication Controlled Program technology


An innovative technology developed by Novavision Group that gurentees the safety and effectiveness of treatment for localized fat deposits and cellulite.

The SCP™ combines both hardware and software functions to make the SONICPHOR™– based treatments safe.

the right solution

  • SONICPHOR ™ Technology – owned by Novavision Group, the technology gurentees safety and effective treatments
  • SCP™ Sonication Controlled Program Technology - Combines hardware and software functions to make SONICPHOR™– based treatments safe 
  • Auto-Tuning System – A microprocessor-controlled system to detect the best resonance frequency for the connected emitter
  • Auto-Scanning Sytem – incorporates multiple checks on the sonication system, making it safe and effective
  • Connective Tissue Massage System – stimulates the skin mechanically with rhythmic suction-and-release actions
  • Multiple User-Defined Emission Mode 
  • Targets Localized Fat
  • Edemato - Fibro - Sclerotic Pannyculopathy (P.E.F.S)
  • Lipomas - Reduces the size of lipoma and scar before any surgical removal
  • Reshaping - Localized liposculpture to reshape the silhouette
  • Drainage
  • Vasularization
  • Safe, quick, effective, and painless treatment

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